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180" x 216"
acrylic on plaster wall
Client: private - site specific mural for interior staircase

All we knew about the client was that he liked flowers. The flowers could not be too soft, they had to be a statement. The challenge on this job was that the artist could only work at night. Construction of the interior was taking place during daylight hours.

Mediterranean Seascape (and faux portal)
156" x 108"
acrylic on exterior plaster wall
Client: private person in Santa Monica, CA - mural for patio.

The client wanted a mural for their patio - something that would take them for a vacation in the Mediteranean. No reference given - artist provided scetches to present his idea.

48" x 36"
acrylic on canvas
Client : private collector - Manhattan, New York

The client had recently been to Italy and wanted a painting with an italian theme for his living room. The artist did a variety of sketches for him. This was the final painting.

Sculpture in the works
60" x 28" x 28"
Client : TV Commercial in which the actor was a sculptor. The head was brought to us and one of our artist made the body as a stone carving in the works.

After Georgia O'Keeffe
24" x 50"
acrylic on canvas
Client: Entertainment Industry

Tattoo Artist
72" x 72"
acrylic on canvas
Client: Entertainment Industry - used on Dr. Doolittle (20th Century Fox).

Mr. Pop Eye
72" x 96"
acrylic on canvas
Client: Entertainment Industry - used on Dr. Doolittle (20th Century Fox).

18" x 16"
acrylic on canvas
Private client.

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