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Janna Avner

Janna Avner’s work exposes people to new ideas and ways of structuring 2-D space to expand their minds, with the goal of enabling socially progressive ideas and platforms to occur.

Janna is a painter inspired by creative technologies, science, and memory or theories on the mind.

Her oil paintings are still lifes, figurations and landscapes that locate form in virtual spaces. Considering how form is constructed in virtual and augmented reality software inspires aesthetic decisions in the colors and materials she uses. Such materials are refraction gradients (holograms), geometric pigment, metallic spray paint, resin and other reflective/ multi-reflective mediums. These additional mediums alter three-dimensional illusions for unrealistic and realistic depictions of traditional subject matter. In these works mimetic representation is dismantled so as to create alternative realities that probe the imagination and elicit emotional and psychological responses.